Regional theaters in the United States are theater companies outside of New York City and Broadway that produce their own seasons. While most U.S. cities have roadhouses that book in traveling productions of Broadway musicals and similar fare, most major U.S. cities often have one (or sometimes two) producing theaters of their own.

As the financial demands of producing a Broadway show can temper producer's desires to take risks with unpopular, controversial, or simply untried material and productions, regiional theaters are regarded by some as the last bastion of the non-commercial American theater.

Regional theaters vary widely, from the more traditional (The Cleveland Playhouse), to the more advant guard (The American Repertory Theatre in Cambridge.) Some regional theaters send their more successful productions on to Broadway.

Regional Theaters

  • American Repertory Theatre Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • American Conservatory Theatre San Francisco, California
  • Steppenwolf Theater Chicago, Illinois
  • Guthrie Theater Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Actor's Theater of Louisville Louisville, Kentucky
  • The Goodman Theater Chicago, Illinois
  • The Cleveland Playhouse Cleveland, Ohio
  • The Huntingdon Playhouse Boston, Massachusetts
  • Cincinnati Playhouse on the Park Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Alley Theatre Houston, Texas
  • Arena Stage Washington, D.C.
  • Berkley Repertory Theater Berkeley, CA
  • Yale Repertory Theatre New Haven, Connecticut
  • Walnut Street Theatre Phildelphia, PA