Savonia, Savolaks or Savo, is a historical province in the south of Finland. It borders to Nyland, Tavastia, Ostrobothnia, and Karelia.

AdministrationEastern Finland
Areaxx,xxx km²

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For current affairs see: Eastern Finland

Savonia is virtually comprised within the boundaries of the administrative province of Eastern Finland.


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The province, which had been a part of Sweden from the 12th-13th century, separated when Finland was ceded to Russia in 1809. The provinces has no administrative function today but lives on as a historical legacy in both countries.


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Savonia's dialect differs from other Finnish dialect, and many Finns think that the difference is positive and fun.

Famous Savonians


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The arms is crowned by a countal coronet, though by Finnish tradition this more resembles a Swedish baronal coronet. Blazon: "Sable, a drawn hand bow in and arrow aimed toward dexter chief, or; bow string, arrowhead and feathered tail, argent."

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