A saw is a tool for cutting wood or other material, consisting of a blade with the edge dentated or toothed and worked either by hand or by steam, water, electric or other power.

According to Greek mythology, the saw was invented by Talos, the nephew of Daedalos.

Types of Saws

  • Ripsaw - for cutting along the grain
  • Circular saw - machine-driven for industrial sawing of logs and beams
  • Chainsaw - motor-driven, for felling trees
  • Band saw - with motor-driven continuous band
  • Bow saw - thin blade pulled taut by a twisted cord
  • Coping saw - thin blade tensioned by a metal frame
  • Floorboard saw - with curved blade
  • Padsaw or Keyhole saw - with narrow pointed blade
  • Hacksaw - for cutting metal
  • Tenon saw - with blade stiffened for accurate cuts
  • Jigsaw - narrow blade for cutting irregular shapes
  • Log saw or bucksaw - for fast, rough cutting
  • Two-man saw - for cutting large logs