The Seneca Tribe was one of the Five Nations of the Iroquois Confederacy from the northeastern United States.

Eagentci ("ancient one") is the earth mother.

Dijien was a man-sized spider who survived most attacks because its heart was buried underground. Othegwenhda stabbed the heart under the earth with a tree limb.

Dagwanoenyent is a vicious northern witch who is depicted as a whirlwind. Her child's father killed her.

Witiko are a race of cannibals.

Hagondes is a cannibalistic trickster and clown spirit.

Kaakwha (also Kanawha) is the solar deity and god of light and truth, subordinate to Hawenniyo, a fertility god.

The Dahdahwat are animals who appear in dreams and visions.

Gagqa is the crow spirit.

Awaeh Tegendji is an old woman who lives with her three beautiful daughters.