Sex tourism is tourism, partially or fully for the purpose of having sex, often with prostitutes.

Possible reasons for seeking sex in another country or region:

  • more relaxed morality laws (for some people a lower age of consent may also be relevant)
  • less rigorous enforcement of laws
  • cheaper rates (typically due to traveling from a economically wealthy country to a poorer one)
  • more anonymity/privacy
  • finding certain ethnic groups more attractive

Common destinations for sex tourists include Brazil, Thailand, Cambodia, Costa Rica, and Cuba. Since the collapse of the Iron Curtain, Russia and the Czech Republic have also become popular destinations for sex tourists.

While the overwhelming majority of sex tourists only engage in this activity with other adults, a very small percentage actively look for underage child prostitutes. Several countries have severe laws on the books making sex with children (see pedophilia) abroad a serious offense.

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