Sonopuncture is a technique associated with traditional Chinese medicine, utilizing the application of sound on acupuncture points.

Sonopuncture does not involve "puncture." It is also known by the name "phonophorese" which is technically more accurate, but not widely used. "Acutonics" is a trademarked name for the same procedure. Technically speaking, any sound-emitting device can be used in sonopuncture. The most commonly used device is the tuning fork. Tuning forks are traditionally used to tune musical instruments. Though these tuning forks can be used, they are tuned to an arbitrary scale such as "A = 440." The tuning forks used in sonopuncture are more typically ones that are made specifically for this purpose. Tuning forks made for sonopuncture are tuned according to the physics and harmonics of our solar system, with the goal of harmonizing a person to the subtle energies of the universe rather than to an arbitrary scale.

Sonopuncture can be used much in the way as acupuncture, if used by a trained professional who understands the principles of Traditional Chinese medicine. It is advantageous when treating people who are highly sensitive, needle-phobic, or very weak. Many people enjoy the sensation of the tuning forks on acupuncture points, and find it soothing. Sonopuncture is particularly useful in pediatrics, the treatment of children.

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