Sverigedemokraterna (Sweden Democrats) is a Swedish political party. Considered xenophobic by some, it is occasionally compared to Front National in France and British National Party in the United Kingdom. A better parallel is arguably the paleoconservative movement in the U.S. The party, founded by Leif Zeilon, has its origins in the 1980s movement Bevara Sverige Svenskt (Keep Sweden Swedish).

The Sweden Democrats have attempted to gain representation in Sweden's parliament (the Riksdag) but its electoral support has remained far below the required 4%. Since the mid 1990s the current party leader Mikael Jansson has strived to make the party respectable. This has included ousting more openly extremist members, who instead founded the breakout Nationaldemokraterna. During the 1998 general election, Front National financed the printing of some of the Sweden Democrat's brochures.

Though still small, the Sweden Democrats have recently seen its support increase and it received 1.4% in the September 2002 general elections. It is currently represented in some 10% of Sweden's municipalities.


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