The Vanishing is a film directed by George Sluizer and produced by Anne Lordon and George Sluizer. It was released internationally in 1988 and is in French and Dutch.

The cast includes:

  • Bernard-Pierre Donnadieu
  • Gene Bervoets
  • Johanna ter Steege
  • Gwen Eckhaus
  • Bernadette Le Saché
  • Tania Latarjet
  • Lucille Glenn

The music was produced by Henry Vrienten. It was edited by George Sluizer and Lin Friedman. The art director was Santiago Isidro Pin. Sound was managed by Piotr van Dijk. Photography was directed by Toni Kuhn. It was adapted by George Sluizer and the screenplay was written by Tim Krabbé from the novel, The Golden Egg by Tim Krabbé.