Various storytellers have tried to create better verisimilitude for their stories by linking them to real history. Protagonists could have witnessed a historical event or even participated in it (often fighting in various wars). In some stories they may even be originators of some event or try to prevent it (see Secret History) but fail – history, as we know it, does not change.

In other stories, writers have simply placed the story in some specific year or date.

Fictional countries may also include history of their own, even if the story itself is not concerned about them.

These dates are connected to either specific historical dates or real-world historical events. They are known to be fictitious – not claimed nonfiction of conspiracy theories.

1278 BCE

767 950 1046 1127
  • Chief Hveghi drives away Turkish conquerors and founds Syldavia

1195 1275
  • Syldavians drive away Bordurians

1327 1389
  • Robert Gadling begins to meet The Sandman every 100 years

1483 1518 1536
  • Connor MacLeod is mortally wounded at the battle of Loch Shiel, but instead of dying, becomes immortal.

1553 1626 1628

1643 1649 1659 1685 1687 1703 1711 1757 1780
  • Lestat becomes a Vampire (according to the Interview With a Vampire of Anne Rice)

1785 1793 1805 1810 1822 1861 1863
  • German professor Lidenbrock takes his nephew to the underground trip down Iceland (according to Jules Verne's Journey to the Center of the Earth)

  • Ardan, Barbicane, and Nicholl ride a cannon fired spaceship to the moon.

1866 1867 1872? 1881 1885 1887 1888 1889 1890 Circa 1890 - 1893
  • Rudyard Kipling travels around India meeting various animals in order to gather research material for The Jungle Books.

1891 1893 1899
  • Indiana Jones born as Henry Jones, Jr. (according to internal evidence in The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles)

1902 1903 1904 1909 1912 1913 1915 1916
  • James "Biggles" Bigglesworth lies about his age to enter Royal Flying Corps
  • Roderick Burgess imprisons The SandmanSleeping Sickness begins
  • Indiana Jones volunteers to join Belgian army
  • Hercule Poirot flees Belgium under German occupation and becomes a refugee in England
  • Richard Hannay goes undercover in Germany and the Ottoman Empire to defeat a Central Powers plot to ferment an Islamic uprising against British Empire in John Buchan's Greenmantle

  • Lord Clifford Chateley marries Constance but afterwards he is seriously wounded in the front during the First World War and permanently paralyzed under the waist – which leads to events of Lady Chatterley's Lover.

1920 1921 1923 1924
  • Young Walt Rawley becomes an apprentice of magician Master Yehudi (according to Paul Auster's Mister Vertigo)

  • Events of the run of Jazz Age Chronicles comic book by Ted Slampyak

  • Parisian inspector Maigret meets (his) writer Georges Simenon for the first time (according to Maigret's memoirs)

1929 1930
  • Nero Wolfe hires Archie Goodwin and begins his job as a private eye

1931 1932 1935 1936 1937 1938 1939
  • Failed attempt to oust Syldavian king Muskar XII

  • Monique D'Aubainne takes over in Al Amarja and becomes its president-for-life.

  • Parisian private eye Nestor Burma is released from a prisoner of war-camp and resumes his job during the German occupation of Paris (according to Leo Malet's books)

1944 1945 1948 1950 1955
  • August 31 – Buckaroo Banzai's parents are killed when an experimental vehicle explodes, due to sabotage by Hanoi Xan.
  • November 5 – Marty McFly from 1985 stumbles in, meets his would-be-parents and tries to get Back to the Future

1961 1972 1976 1981 1984
  • Big Brother's power hour.

  • The Time of The Gathering, as shown in the movie Highlander

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