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Belgium is famous for chocolate and beer. Belgium also is famous for its rich cultural heritage including its capital Brussels with its famous architecture, palaces, its pubs, old shopping malls and its lifestyle. But there are some more places worth a visit. The second largest city of Antwerp (located to the north of Brussels) is a famous harbour town with a diamond stock exchange. In Ghent, Brugge and other Flemish towns one can see famous old Flemish trading towns, known for their famous painters, such as Rubens. Belgium has a coastline (North Sea, province West Flanders) and some mountainous areas like the Ardennes. There one can relax in Spa (the English word "spa" reminds us to this famous Belgian town), visit famous student's towns like Leuven or Liege. And in the evening sit down in a little pub and enjoy a beer from Leffe abbey.