Canada, as a rich Western country, has both a large domestic and foreign tourist industry. Some of the major attractions of the country include its cities but it is probably better known worldwide for its extensive, lightly populated or unpopulated areas of wilderness and some spectacular natural sights. As such tourism in Canda can be a rich experience.

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1 Canada's regions
2 Neighbouring Countries

Canada's regions


Alberta is the land where Canada's western prairies meet the Rocky Mountains. The two major cities are Calgary and Edmonton, the provincial capital. Edmonton is well-known for West Edmonton Mall the largest mall in the world. Alberta also contains stunning scenery, including 5 of Canada's 13 UNESCO World heritage sites. These are Banff-Jasper National Parks, Waterton/Glacier Inernational Peace Park, Wood Buffalo National Park, Dinosaur Provincial Park and Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump. Best of all, Alberta has no sales tax.

New Brunswick

The main tourist attraction of New Brunswick is St John, which is located at the mouth of the st lawrence river. Whale watching, and the confederation bridge to Prince Edward Island are also draws.

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is known for its lovely scenary, most reknowned is the Cape Breton Highlands. The historic Louisburg is also a major draw, as it is a fully re conditioned 18th century fort.

Halifax, the Provincial Capitol has several draws, the pier 21 museum, citadel hill, and the public gardens. also, a tour of the halifax explosion

Nova Scotia, which is latin for New Scotland is known the world round for its beuty, and friendly scottish descended people.


Ontario is home to the city of Ottawa, the nation's capital, and holds the largest percentage of the entire population of Canada, with the largest city in Canada being Toronto, the provincial capital, embracing Lake Ontario, with the CN Tower overlooking the harbour.

Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is the birthplace of Lucy Maude Montgommery's character, Anne of Green Gables, and a recreation of her literary home serves as a museum to the character. PEI is also famous the world round for its potato farms and rich red mud beaches.


Quebec, a majority francophone province is a major tourist draw, the only walled city in north america, Quebec City is a taste of old France in the new world.

Neighbouring Countries

Bordering the United States, Canada has the world's longest undefended border. Canada is known for its large, majestic landscapes and several record-holding landmarks.