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Finland is famous for its many lakes. They have clean water and green deep woods around. Finland is a typical country for people feeling sick from civilization or big cities. It is ideal for individualists, who just like sitting on the shore of a lake, fishing, watching reindeer or moose and enjoying silence.

But Finland also has cities to offer, such as Helsinki with its beautiful surrounding landscapes. Turku and Oulu are also popular destinations. Finland is a famous resort for skiing in winter. The Finnish "winter capital" is called Kuusamo; it is situated north of the Arctic Circle in Lapland.


The Finnish language is extremely difficult to understand for many people. However, many Finnish people speak English.


The Finnish train service is generally excellent, high-speed rail links in Finland are known as Pendolino. There are very large discounts available to those under 26, as is customary in Europe. The Finnish rail system is called VR. Due to rail gauge differences, there are train connections to Russia, but all trains to Sweden connect by bus.