United States Highway 127 is a north-south United States highway. In Michigan, US 127 nearly tripled in length in 2002 -- at the expense of its own parent, US 27.

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As of 2004, the highway's northern terminus is in Grayling, Michigan at an intersection with Interstate 75. Its southern terminus is in the Chattanooga, Tennessee suburb of Red Bank at an intersection with U.S. Highway 27.

States Traversed

The highway passes through the following states:


As of 2004, the route is approximately 215 miles long, after the US 127 designation replaced all of US 27 north of De Witt, Michigan that year. In Michigan, US-127 runs from the Ohio border south of Hudson north to the junction with Interstate 75 four miles south of Grayling.

Prior to 2002, US 127 ran from Interstate 69 north of East Lansing, Michigan down to the Ohio border near Hudson, a total of 83 miles.

The highway is the primary route connecting Lansing and central Michigan to Northern Michigan and the Mackinac Bridge. It serves the cities of Hudson, Jackson, East Lansing, St. Johns, Alma, Mount Pleasant, Clare, and Houghton Lake. North of Jackson, it is mostly a four-lane freeway.




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