The word voice has many definitions:

  • The sound made by a person using the vocal folds for talking and singing (singers use the voice as an instrument for creating music). The tone of voice may show that a sentence is a question, even if it grammatically is not, and shows emotions such as anger, surprise, happiness; in a request the tone reveals much about how much one wants something, and whether it is asking a favor or more like an order; the tone of saying e.g. "I am sorry" says a lot: it may vary from begging for forgiveness to "I have the right to do this even if you do not like it".
  • A section of a choir or other musical ensemble that sings or plays the same part.
  • The tone of a piece of writing, influenced by its point of view.
  • In phonetics and phonology, a phone or phoneme is said to be voiced if it is produced with the vocal folds vibrating. See voice (phonetics).
  • In grammar, voice is a verb-form that indicates the relationship between the subject and the action expressed by the verb. See grammatical voice

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