The XWin project, started by Keith Packard, was created in order to provide forums for collaborative and cooperative discussion between X developers, X end users, and potential developers. Due to misleading media reports from news sites such as Slashdot and others, this project was incorrectly presented to the public as a fork of the XFree86 source code. The Xwin project however never was a fork of XFree86, and was never intended to be a fork. The Xwin project clearly stated this on the project homepage:

Quote: Web site title header: " - Xwin is just a website"

" is a forum for community participation in X, not a development project. The X development community needs to work together to form a government. The hope is that community governance will encourage rapid advances in the X window system"

In 2003 Keith Packard, a noted X Window System developer, created XWin, a forum for the betterment of X and specifically XFree86. More recently, XWin forum is no longer available and users are now directed to Keith Packard began a new development branch of the X Window System under the name Xserver in cooperation with Freedesktop. Xserver uses the Kdrive API driver model. This is the next generation of X server which is following a different direction then that of XFree86.

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