A zoetrope is a circular device with slits cut vertically in the sides which has either individual frames from a video/film or images from a set of sequenced photographs. When viewed through the slits on the outside, the images produced are the equivalent of a motion picture.

Picture: http://www.imperica.com/sofia/camera/zoetrope.html

There were several such pre-cinematography animation devices. Might be an idea to have a page on them. I can't think of a good page name -- Tarquin

Rough list to be moved:

  • the flick book
  • that sort of spinning disc with string...
  • there's one similar to the zoetrope, but it's a disc with slots that's held vertically in front of a mirror and spun. One looks through the slots to the reflection beyond.

Note: American Zoetrope is Francis Ford Coppola's movie production company.