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  • January 17 – Gregory XI enters Rome.
  • January 27 - The Bad Parliament begins sitting.
  • February 23 – The Bad Parliament dissolved.
  • May - Continuous riots in Rome induce Gregory XI to remove temporarily to Anagui.
  • May 22 - Gregory XI issues five Bulls in which the opinions of John Wyclif are condemned.
  • June 21 - Edward III dies at age 65.
  • July 16 - Coronation of 10-year-old Richard II.
  • October 13 – Richard II’s first parliament meets.
  • October 18Andronicus IV Palaeologus crowned emperor in Constantinople.
  • Informed that khan Urus of the White Horde has died, Timur Lenk sends Tokhtamish to take the Horde throne, but the successor of Urus defeats him.
  • Mamluk sultan Sha'ban II is succeeded by 'Ali II.
  • Muhammad al-Mutawakkil I is briefly deposed this year as Abbasid puppet caliph of the Mamluks, Zakariyya' al-Mu'tasim taking the throne for that period.
  • A sermon by a German monk states "the game of cards has come to us this year" and prohibitions against cards are issued by John of Castile and the cities of Florence and Basel.
  • Papal legate to northern Italy Robert of Geneva (the future Clement VII) pillages Cesena and 4,000 antipapal rebels are massacred.

Arts and Literature

  • May 10 – A deputy is appointed to take charge of Chaucer’s duties at customs, Chaucer being busy with diplomatic business.
  • Geoffrey Chaucer makes two trips to France this year.
  • Nicholas Oresme is elected bishop of Lisieux. Oresme's French translations from Latin versions of Aristotle are an important contribution to the development of the French language.
  • Al-Jurjani returns to Shiraz from Constantinople to become a teacher.

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