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  • February 22 - King Charles VIII of France enters Naples to claim the city's throne. A few months later, he decides to return to France, and leaves Naples with most of his army, leaving a force under his cousin Gilbert de Bourbon, Comte de Montpensier as Viceroy.
  • May 26 - A Spanish army under Hernandez Gonzalo de Cordoba lands in Calabria with the purpose of ousting the French and restoring Ferrante II to the throne of Naples.
  • June 28 - Battle of Seminara. Cordoba and Ferrante are defeated by a French army under Bernard Stuart, Seigneur d'Aubigny
  • July 6 - Battle of Fornovo - The French army under King Charles secures its retreat from Italy by defeating a combined Milanese-Venetian force under Giovanni Francesco Gonzaga, Marquis of [Mantua]].
  • Russia invades Sweden through Karelia, but are beaten back at Viborg.