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1 Events
2 Albums released
3 Top hits on record
4 Published popular music
5 Musical theater
6 Musical films
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Albums released

Top hits on record

Published popular music

  • "Eli's Coming" w.m. Laura Nyro
  • "Save The Country" w.m. Laura Nyro
  • "Stoned Soul Picnic" w.m. Laura Nyro
  • "Sweet Blindness" w.m. Laura Nyro

Musical theater

  • Cabaret     London production
  • Canterbury Tales     London production
  • Dames At Sea     Broadway production
  • The Dancing Years     London revival
  • George M     Broadway production
  • Golden Boy     London production
  • Hair     Broadway production
  • Hair     London production
  • House Of Flowers     off-Broadway revival
  • Lady, Be Good     London revival
  • Man Of La Mancha     London production
  • Promises, Promises     Broadway production

Musical films




Grammy Awards

Eurovision Song Contest