Agron has several meanings:

  • A youth in Greek mythology, Agron and his two sisters were from Cos, a Mediterranean island. They refused to respect any gods but Gaia and were turned into birds for their sin. See also: List of Greek mythological characters.

  • The founder (250 BC) and first king of the kingdom of Illyria (modern Albania) (died in 232 BC)

  • As far as it is known, Agron was Saadia Gaon's first production. It is a double dictionary, the two parts being arranged according to the alphabetic order of initials and of final letters respectively. It was intended to be used in versification, in which acrostics and rime were the chief requisites. In a later edition, Saadia added the Arabic translation of each word, and also included passages concerning various "memorable subjects of the poets," and named the work in its new form "Kitab al-Shi'r." The Arabic introduction to the second edition and the Hebrew preface of the first have been in great part preserved (see Harkavy, "Studien," v. 39-59).