The Alps is the collective name for one of the great mountain range systems of Europe, stretching from Austria in the east, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Germany, through to France in the west. The highest mountain in the Alps is the Mont Blanc at 4810 meters on the French-Italian border.

The European Alps from space,
as seen in May 2002.

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Table of contents
1 Western Alps
2 Central Alps
3 Eastern Alps

Western Alps

Maritime Alps - Cottian Alps - Dauphine Alps - Graian Alps - Pennine Alps

Central Alps

Swiss Alps, including North-Eastern Swiss Alps - Bernese Oberland - Lepontine Alps - Todi Range - Bernina Alps - Albula Range - Silvretta and Rätikon Ranges

Eastern Alps

The Alps of Bavaria, the Vorarlberg, and Salzburg - Tirolean Alps - Ortler, Oetzthal and Stubai Ranges - Lombard Alps - Dolomites - South-Eastern Alps

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The Alps are a range of mountains located within the Moon's Mare Imbrium, formed in the impact that created the Imbrium Basin.\n