Name Ammonium perchlorate
Chemical formula NH4ClO4
Appearance White solid


Formula weight 117.5 amu
Melting point Decomposes at 513 K (240 °C)
Density 2.0 ×103 kg/m3
Crystal structure ?
Solubility ?


ΔfH0solid -295.77 kJ/mol
S0solid 184.18 J/mol·K


Ingestion GI irritation can occur.
Inhalation May cause respiratory tract irritation or pulmonary edema.
Skin May cause irritation.
Eyes Irritation, chance of more serious problems.
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Disclaimer and references

Ammonium perchlorate is a chemical compound with the formula NH4ClO4. It is the salt of perchloric acid. Like other perchlorates, it is a powerful oxidizer.

This salt is used as an explosive in mines, due to the low temperature elevation that follows its decomposition.

It is produced by reaction between ammonia and perchloric acid, or by double decomposition between an ammonia salt and sodium perchlorate.

It crystallises in colorless rhomboedres with a relative density of 1,95. It is the least soluble of all ammonia salts with 20 g in 100g water at 0C. It decomposes before fusion.\n