Rank: 9th
Ruled: August 2, 924-October 27, 939
Predecessor: Ethelweard
Date of Birth: 895
Place of Birth: Wessex, England
Wife: Never married
Buried: Malmesbury Abbey
Date of Death: October 27, 939
Parents: Edward the Elder and Egwina

King Athelstan was born about 895 AD, the son of King Edward the Elder, whom he succeeded as the ruler of all England in about 924. There is a question of his legitimacy, as his mother was first known as a poor shepherd's daughter with whom Edward fell in love. She was later described as "a noblewoman". Athelstan is generally regarded as the first proper English king. He achieved considerable military successes over his rivals, including the Vikings, and extended his rule to parts of Wales and Cornwall. His greatest victory, over an enemy alliance, was the Battle of Brunanburh in 937. Although he established many alliances through his family, he had no children of his own. He fostered Hakon the Good, who later became king of Norway. He died in 939 at Gloucester and was succeeded by his younger half-brother, King Edmund I of England.

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