Axiomatic is a 1995 collection of short science fiction stories by Greg Egan.

Axiomatic contains the following short stories.

  • The Infinite Assassin
  • The Hundred-Light-Year-Diary
  • Eugene
  • The Caress
  • Blood Sisters
  • Axiomatic
  • The Safe-Deposit Box
  • Seeing
  • A Kidnapping
  • Learning To Be Me
  • The Moat
  • The Walk
  • The Cutie
  • Into Darkness
  • Appropriate Love
  • The Moral Virologist
  • Closer
  • Unsuitable Orbits In The Space Of Lies

The stories are difficult to summarize, and an review explains part of the reason why: "Egan delivers shocking body-blows to received ideas in thought-experiment stories that like Jorge Luis Borges's philosophical squibs are booby-trapped with terrible truths and paradoxes." The Guardian sums it up more neatly: "Wonderful mind-expanding stuff, and well-written too."

ISBN 0752816500