The BMW 328 was a sports car made by BMW between 1936 and 1940, designed by Fritz Fiedler. It was much praised at the time for its performance, and the car won many races including the prestigious Mille Miglia.

After WW2, one of the Mille Miglia 328s (disguised as a Frazer Nash) and BMW's technical plans for the car were taken from the bombed BMW factory by English representatives from the Bristol Aeroplane Company and Frazer Nash companies. Fiedler, the BMW engineer, was persuaded to come too. Bristol Cars was set up to build complete cars, called Bristols, and would also supply engines to Frazer Nash. The first Bristol car, the 400, was heavily based on the BMW plans.

Note: There is also a much more modern car called a BMW 328, a member of the popular smaller 3-series, where the "28" in the name indicates its 2.8-litre engine.