Busking is the practice of performing in public places to receive donations of money.

The performance is often musical, but juggling, comedy and sometimes magic are also displayed.

Table of contents
1 People
2 Places and performance
3 Income


Many people perform on the street for a variety of reasons. Children may busk to earn some extra pocket-money, and to practise their talent in front of an audience.

Some otherwised unemployed people may busk during the day to earn some tax-free money.

Professional buskers make a living out of performing on the streets.

Places and performance

Public places such as shopping malls (although this is often not permitted), outside supermarkets, and in busy streets or civic squares are good because of the large amount of foot traffic.

Many cities encourage buskers as they are a form of entertainment and act to lighten up the area.


During busy times of the day, buskers can earn what is a large hourly rate. This is not a constant amount and varies from place to place, and day to day.