In telecommunication, the term carrier (cxr) has the following meanings:

1. A wave suitable for modulation by an information-bearing signal.

2. An unmodulated emission. Note: The carrier is usually a sinusoidal wave or a uniform or predictable series of pulses. Synonym carrier wave.

3. Sometimes employed as a synonym for a carrier system, or a synonym for a telecomunications provider company (operator).

Source: from Federal Standard 1037C and from MIL-STD-188

A carrier, or asymptomatic carrier, is a person who has an infectious disease or genetic disorder and can transfer it to others, but who does not present any symptoms herself. Mary Mallon, known as "Typhoid Mary", was an asymptomatic carrier of typhoid fever. The daughters of Queen Victoria, the princesses Alice and Beatrix, were asymptomatic carriers of hemophilia and managed to pass it to the royal houses of Spain and Russia, into which they married.

The Carrier are a First Nations tribe living in British Columbia, Canada. See Carrier tribe.

A carrier is a term for a transport company.

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