Rallying makes up the majority of the "grassroots" of amateur motorsport, especially in the UK. Motor Clubs will usually run one or more rallies each year. Joining your local motorclub and getting involved in the various activities is the best way to get started if you wish to take up the sport.

Rallies fall into many categories each with different rules and aimed at different skill levels.

The two basic categories are:

Special Stage Rallies

In a Stage rally, competitive driving takes place on closed roads or off the public highway. Stage rallies are the basis for WRC and professional rallying. The emphasis of stage rallies is on speed and driving ability. Navigation of such events is based heavily on pacenotes.

Road Rallies

In a Road rally, competitive driving takes place (in part or whole) on the open public highway. Road rallies were historically the basis of all rallies, and stage rallying evolved from them. However, these days they are strictly reserved for the amateur, due to the obvious danger that could arise to the public. The emphasis of road rallies is on navigational accuracy and teamwork.

There are other types of rally which are popular at club level:

Most of these involve varying degrees of map-reading and navigation skills. If you're interested in finding out more about rally navigation and techniques, check out the links below.