The cell cycle is the cycle of a biological cell, consisting of repeated mitotic cell division and interphase (the growth phase).


Schematic of the cell cycle. I=Interphase, M=Mitosis.
The duration of mitosis in relation to the other phases has
been exaggerated in this diagram.
The cell cycle consists of
  • G1 phase, the first growth phase
  • S phase, during which the DNA is replicated, where S stands for the Synthesis of DNA.
  • G2 phase is the second growth phase, also the preparation phase for the
  • M phase or mitosis and cytokinesis, the actual division of the cell into two daughter cells
The cell cycle stops at several checkpoints and can only proceed if certain conditions are met, for example, if the cell has reached a certain diameter. Some cells, such as neurons, never divide once they become locked in a G0 phase.

Details of mitosis

Schematic of interphase (brown) and mitosis (yellow).