Chysauster Ancient Village is an Iron Age village in Cornwall and unfortunately the recipient of the negligent care of English Heritage which failed to adequately protect the site in the 1980s when entrusted with it by the UK government of the time. For a fuller examination of the scandal surrounding the negligent damage inflicted on Chysauster, see Negligent damage to Chysauster Ancient Village. The village was centred around the remains of a fogou, an underground structure (probably) connected with Iron Age religion.

The village was believed to have been constructed and occupied between 100 AD and 400 AD; it was primarily agricultural and unfortified.

The village consists of eight stone dwellings, arranged in two straight lines.

It has been excavated on many occasions, and some of the reinstatement work which has been carried out over the year has been, to say the least of it, unsympathetic. Several sections of the village were incorrectly reinstated in the wake of previous excavations.