The Sony CLIÉ is a line of personal digital assistants running the Palm OS that are distinguished from other PDAs by such features (not all available on all models) as a jog-wheel interface, Memory Stick slot, MP3 playback, and high-resolution displays.

The CLIÉ range is distinguished from other Palm OS models by its emphasis on multimedia capabilities, including video. Later models have been credited with spurring competition in the previously stagnant Palm market, closing many of the gaps that existed between Palms and PDAs powered by Microsoft's Windows Mobile Pocket PC operating system.

  • S series (2000-2002)
  • SL/SJ series (2002- )
  • T series (2001- )
  • N series (2001-2002)
  • NR series (2002)
  • NX series (2002- )
  • NZ series (2003- )
  • TG series (2003- )
  • UX series (2003- )
  • TJ series (2003- )

An acronym for "communication, link, information and entertainment", the name is apparently an attempt at a new coinage, though it means a tool in a French dialect.

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