This article discusses transportation vehicles. For the concept of a coach as a person who encourages and trains, see coaching.

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Rail coach

A coach is a road or rail vehicle designed to transport passengers. A rail coach, also known as a carriage, forms part of a passenger train. In North America rail coaches are often known as cars.

It can be self-propelled (railcar, multiple unit) or, usually together with more coaches, be pulled or pushed by a locomotive.

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Road coach

A road coach is similar to a bus but is usually more comfortable and designed for longer distance travel. See also stagecoach.


The word coach is derived from the Hungarian word for stagecoach, kocsi. Kocs is a small town in Hungary where, in the Middle Ages, mail coaches with a novel, exceptionally durable and comfortable suspension and steering system were built. Kocsi means from Kocs.

Coach was also the name of an American television program that aired on ABC from 1989 until 1997.