The cone snail (Conus sp.) can grow up to 23 cm and is found in tropical waters. There are about 500 different types of cone snails. All cone snails have characteristic sharp fangs that act like harpoons. Some cone snail venom is so powerful it can kill a person! The venom of some cone snails, like the magician cone snail, show much promise for a non-addictive pain control 1000 times as powerful as morphine. Cone snails are the only animals that produce D isomer amino acids The harpoon-like stinger of the cone snail can penetrate gloves, so people should avoid handling them. The venom contains Tetrodotoxin, which is the same paralytic neurotoxin as that of the pufferfish and the blue-ringed octopus. Symptoms of a cone snail sting include intense pain, swelling, numbness and tingling. Symptoms can start immediately or can be delayed in onset for days. Severe cases involved muscle paralysis, changes in vision and respiratory failure that can lead to death.