A conjurer (or conjuror) is a person that performs rituals or acts of conjuration. This term applies to:

  • Witches, warlocks.
  • Magicians, wizards.
  • Necromancers.
  • Exorcists (see Exorcism).
  • Illusionists (see Illusionism).

In the first case it is traditionally believed that witches and warlocks act as conjurers to summon demons or evil spirits to cause harm to people or things, or to obtain favours from them. This tradition is stronger in Christianity, because some peoples (especially Shamanic societies) do not consider witchcraft as an evil practice but as good or evil depending on the situation.

In the second case, magicianss (in the sense of magick, not illusionism) and wizards are not considered good or evil but able to do both things, good and evil, unless we refer to a black magician, which can be considered in the first category. White magicians, although considered having a good nature, have the power to summon spirits or other supernatural entities to destroy evil works or beings.

A necromancer is a person who summons spirits of the dead to practice the form of divination called necromancy.