Corporation refers to all different kinds of fraternities and sororities worldwide.

Corporations in the USA

Corporations in the USA are called fraternitiy or sorority. Learn more about corporations in the USA in the fraternities and sororities article.

Corporations in Germany

Main article: Studentenverbindung

In Germany there exist corporations that are called Corps or Burschenschaften. They are vaguely comparable to fraternities elsewhere. The name of the corporation is usually latinized and refers to some country, tribe or area in Germany.

Burschenschaft is a political fraternity in Germany and Austria.

Corps is a non-political fraternity, known in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Corporations in Austria

Formally, corporations in Austria are much like those in Germany, but are much more conservative from a political point of view.

Corporations in Estonia

Corporations in Estonia are very much like those in Germany, but foxes don't wear colours, but a black cap instead. Estonian corporations usually have a star stitched to their caps. Corporations are incredibly popular in Estonia.

Corporations in France

Corporations in France are mostly called Corpo.

Corporations in Finland

Corporations in Finland are called Nations.

Corporations in Spain

The corporations in Spain are called tuna.

Corporations in Mexico

The corporations in Mexico are much like those in Spain. They are called tuna as well.

Corporations in Italy

Corporations in Italy are called ordine goliardico.

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