Culture is a Jamaican roots rock reggae group founded in 1976. Originally they were known as the African Disciples.

"Share the riches with the poor
Before they share the poverty with you" [Culture, Share the Riches]

The members of the trio are:

The recording that put Culture on the map was "Two Sevens Clash," a reference to the two sevens in the year 1977. This recording was recorded at Joe Gibbs Recording Studio in Kingston in 1978. Featured musicians include:
  • Sly Dunbar
  • Lloyd Parks
  • Franklin Waul
  • Errol Nelson
  • Harold Butler
  • Eric Lamont ("Bingy Bunny")
  • Robbie Shakespear
  • Lennox Gordon
  • Uzziah Thompson ("Sticky")
  • Herman Marquis
  • Vin Gordon
  • Tommy McCook
  • Bobby Ellis

"Two Sevens Clash" was reissued by Shanachie in 1987.


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