Daimonin is an open source, multiplayer online RPG that is based on Crossfire. It features an isometric graphic system, and some of the same features as Crossfire. It is licensed under the GNU Public License and it is currently runnung one beta server.

The client (Beta 1) will run in Windows or Linux. The server (Beta 1) runs in Linux and Windows as well.

About the game

Daimonin is an isometric game based on the same engine as Crossfire and features many of the same abilities, but it also has many improvements. Daimonin adds a combat targetting system that focuses the attack on an opponent and will automatically attack each turn. It also removes the need to use say in a command to say something. Instead, you merely type what you want to say. In order to use a command, you must prefix it with a /, similar to IRC.

It will feature PvP areas (as Crossfire does), permanent death areas where the player must be ressurected by another player if they die in them and an Ultimate death arena where the loser is deleted and all their items are given to the victor. The last two areas are optional and players must agree to enter into an Ultimate death arena so it is fair.

The game will also feature clans (similar to Crossfire's guilds, but more complex). It is currently in its first Beta, so the game is still not complete, but it does have a playable Beta server that has many players.