Dan can refer to one of several things:

  • In the bible, Dan is the name of one of the sons of Jacob (see Dan (biblical figure)), and of the tribe consisting of his descendants (see Tribe of Dan).
  • Dan is also a popular given name today. For example, according to the 1990 U.S. Census, Dan is the 179th most popular given name in the U.S., given to 0.1% of the males. Dan can also be the shortening of the more popular name Daniel (12th most popular in the U.S., given to almost 1% of the males).
  • A Celtic goddess (see Danu).
  • A deity in Dahomey mythology.
  • An ancient Scandinavian name, Snorre Sturlason claim that Dan the arrogant gave name to Denmark.
  • A scale of master (black-belt) grades in martial arts such as Judo.
  • Divers Alert Network (scuba diving)

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