The District Line is a line of the London Underground, coloured green on the Tube map. It is a "sub-surface" line, running through the central area in shallow cut-and-cover tunnels which were built by the Metropolitan District Railway and opened in stages between 1868 and 1871. The MDR was later bought by Charles Yerkes, forming part of the "Underground" group until it was nationalised in the 1930s.

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In order from west to east

Richmond branch

Ealing branch

The Richmond and Ealing branches join just west of Turnham Green.

Wimbledon branch

  • Wimbledon
  • Wimbledon Park
  • Southfields
  • East Putney
  • Putney Bridge
  • Parsons Green
  • Fulham Broadway
  • West Brompton

The Wimbledon branch joins the main line west of Earl's Court.

Kensington (Olympia) branch

  • Kensington (Olympia)
The Kensington (Olympia) branch joins the main line west of Earl's Court, though trains from it normally run on to the Edgware Road branch.

Edgware Road branch

The Edgware Road branch diverges from the main line east of Earl's Court.

Current service pattern

The following off-peak service pattern currently runs on the District line

  • 6tph Ealing Broadway - Tower Hill
  • 6tph Richmond - Upminster
  • 6tph Wimbledon - Upminster
  • 6tph Wimbledon - Edgware Road
  • 4tph Kensington (Olympia) - High Street Kensington
(tph=trains per hour)


The District Line has a long history. At one point it had additional branches to Uxbridge and Hounslow West but both are now operated by the Picadilly Line.

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