Doping is generally the practice of adding impurities to something.


In semiconductor production, doping refers to the process of intentionally introducing impurities into a pure semiconductor substrate, in order to change its electrical properties. For doping silicon, the dopants are called III-V compounds, referring by Roman numerals to the columns in the Periodic Table of the Elements; Silicon itself is in column IV of the table.


In sports the word doping means the use of performance-enhancing drugs, such as anabolic steroids or EPO, particularly those that are forbidden by the organizations that regulate competitions in a certain sport. Some doping substances, however are permitted in low doses (alcohol and caffeine). Also considered "doping" by many is the use of substances that mask other forms of doping.

In most sports, controls are being made to check for doping among top level athletes.

Doping is often considered a form of unfair competition; also, many forms of doping can be hazardous to the athlete's health, with symptoms sometimes not occurring until after their career.

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