A footnote is a reference which leads readers to other works. A footnote is usually flagged in the main text in the form of a superscript number1 -- superscript 1 for the first footnote on a note, superscript 2 for the second footnote on the page, etc. Sometimes a number of regular height and position, demarcated by brackets or parentheses, is used instead [2].

All of a page's footnote numbers lead to bibliographical information at the bottom of the page, each source prefixed by its linked number.

See also:doctoral thesis.

[1] If this were a printed publication, the superscript 1 would have been rendered as shown above, and the footnote would have been shown at the bottom (the foot) of the printed page. See header and footer

[2] If this were the editorial style, the footnote [2] would have been rendered, thus.