Fotheringhay (or Fotheringay) Castle in Northamptonshire, England was razed in 1627, and there is nothing left of it to be seen today. It was traditionally the home of the Dukes of York. Richard III of England was born there in 1452, and his father, Richard, Duke of York was re-buried at the nearby church in 1476. Fotheringhay is also where Mary I of Scotland was tried and beheaded in 1587, and her body lay there for some months before its final burial elsewhere. It is often said that James I of England destroyed it because his mother was killed there, but that is not true -- it simply fell into such disrepair that it had to be pulled down, and the stones were all taken to be used in other buildings.

The Fotheringhay Church that still stands is the one whose construction started in 1434.