Scientific classification
   Vitis acerifolia
   Vitis aestivalis
   Vitis amurensis
   Vitis arizonica
   Vitis X bourquina
   Vitis californica
   Vitis X champinii
   Vitis cinerea
   Vitis X doaniana
   Vitis girdiana
   Vitis labrusca
   Vitis X labruscana
   Vitis monticola
   Vitis mustangensis
   Vitis X novae-angliae
   Vitis palmata
   Vitis riparia
   Vitis rotundifolia
   Vitis rupestris
   Vitis shuttleworthii
   Vitis tiliifolia
   Vitis vinifera
   Vitis vulpina

Ref. Itis 500017

A grape is the fruit of a vine in the family Vitaceae. It is commonly used for making grape juice, jelly, wine and raisins, and is eaten raw. Many species of grape exist including:

  • Vitis vinifera, the European winemaking grapes
  • Vitis labrusca, the North American table and grape juice grapes, sometimes used for wine
  • Vitis riparia, a wild grape of North America, sometimes used for winemaking
  • Vitis rotundifolia, the muscadines, used for jelly and sometimes wine
  • Vitis aestivalis, the variety Norton is used for winemaking

Hybrids also exist, primarily crosses of V. vinifera with one or more varieties of V. labrusca, V. riparia or V. aestivalis. Hybrids tend to be less susceptible to frost and disease (notably phylloxera), but their wine has little of the characteristic "foxy" odor of labrusca.

Wild grapes are often considered a nuisance weed as they cover other plants and form thick entangling vines.

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