Greece Interstate 8A is a toll freeway running from Kifissou some from Skaramangas, outside athend to northeast of Patras, that once had two-lanes running for 70% of the freeway 45 km, now its 45%, 105 km, Patras-Rhion, Longos-Selimantika interchange, Aegion, Platanos to Akrata, Xylokastron interchange, Kiato interchange, Corinth to Kiphissou Ave, originally GR Interstate 7 interchange, East Corinth to south of Loutraki, north of Kineta to Kineta interchange and east Kakia Skala, Megara to Neos Peramos (Megali Pefko), Eleusis to Kifissou Ave. The freeway starts from Aspropyrgos to Patras, the remainder is a highway. The length was 215 km, now its 207 km. by a new beltway, a highway bypassing Patras It runs for E94 from Kifissou Ave in Athens to southwest of Corinth, E65 from Corinth to Rhion interchange, and E55 from Rhion to north of Patras. It was first opened in the 1960s. It was under construction from 1993 to 1997. And in Kakia Skala 2001 to around 2004. There are 4 tolls, originally there were 4 toll exits, but they are shut down in the present day: Eleusis Toll booth, Isthmia toll booth, Corinth toll Booth, and Rhion toll booth at the 205th km. This highway at Kakia Skala will serve until a new bridge linking Rhion and Antirrhion as the only road connecting the entire Peloponnese peninsula and the Greek mainland. 2 to 4 lanes with the only 2 roads. History will change course making the eastern link from the peninsula to the mainland. Several strikes came to crisis in Rhion which would make traffic congestion to a worse as traffic for Epirus may have a strong influence. Construction and reconstruction and renovations had made an influence on traffic congestion in 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996 and again in 2002, 2003 and 2004 with a high-speed rail and tunnel scheduled to open by 2004. There is some other road connecting the peninsula and mainland NE of Loutraki but mostly graveled and serves routes from Theba to Loutraki not as a main route. Lighting began for route west of Akrata interchange in the late-1980s. The last lighting project of that area was done at the northernmost point of the peninsula. The remainder continued west of Athens on a 6-lane freeway.

Here are the complete listings of marking of the 8A, Patras-Corinth, Corinth-Athens Road, also Athens-Patras New National Road, posts are marked going west, the defunct routes means they are no longer operable by the federal government.:

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KilometreFeatures, Interchanges, Junctions
4easternmost point of E94
5Thevon Avenue Interchange
27Theba-Eleuthriae Interchange, now cloverleaf
28Athens Tollway (spur) junction, opens in 2004
30Eleusis toll booth
35Neos Peramos Interchange
42Megara/Old National Road (GR8) Interchange (westbound cloverleaf)
43Megara Rest Area, opened 1999
44Megara-Pachi Interchange (cloverleaf)
46easternmost point of Kakia Skala
52Westernmost point of Kakia Skala
52Old Kineta Interchange (closed 2001){
54New Kineta Interchange (cloverleaf), opened 1995
57Attica-Corinthia prefectural (departmental/provincial) boundary
62Aghioi Theodoroi Toll Interchange
68north of the refinery
72Isthmia Toll booth
74Corinth-Loutraki (Old GR-9) interchange (westbound)
75Epidaurus (GR-70) Interchange
78West Corinth-Examili Interchange
80Tripoli (GR-7 E65) Junction, end of E94
82Argos, Nauplion-Lechaeum (GR-7) Interchange
90Corinth rest area (eastbound)
91Corinth Toll booth or station
102South Kiato Rest Area
106 and 107 2 overpasses
108Elissus/Elissos River
109Kiaton-Stymphalia Interchange
110Kiaton Rest Area (westbound)
125Xylokastron-Trikkala Interchange
147Akrata-Aigiera Interchange
154ELPA Rest Area
158Kalavrita-Diacopton(um) Interchange
166Texaco Bon Voyage sign (torn down)
167Aegion-Pterion-Kalavrita Interchange
168GR31 overpass
169Aegion Rest Area (Shell gas station/gasbar)
170West Aegion
171West Aegion/Old GR-9 Interchange, (eastbound, partial) (cloverleaf)
174Longos-Selimantika-Old GR-8 Interchange
175view of Longos
177view of Seliamantika
178Low railway bridge
185Achaea and the Peloponnese's Northernmost point
205Rhion Toll booth or station
206Rhion Junction
207Patras By-Pass/Beltway Junction, some North Patras Interchange, opened 2003
208(1Beltway)Kastritsi (University-Pan-Achaean Skiing Resort) Interchange
209 to 211 (2 to 4)Patras Tunnel
209(defunct)University of Patras-Proasteia Junction
212(defunct)Pyrgos-Port of Patras Junction (opened 1996)
213(defunct)Aretha Street Jct. (Skiessa-Hagyia) (former fourth route)
214(defunct)Amerikis Street Jct. (fmr. third route)
215(defunct)Panepistemeiou Street
216(defunct)End of highway
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