The heel is the prominence at the posterior end of the foot. It is based on the projection of one bone, the calcaneum, behind the articulation of the bones of the lower leg. In the long-footed mammals, both the hoofed species (unguligrade) and the clawed forms which walk on the toes (digitigrade), the heel is well above the ground at the apex of the angular joint known as the hock. In plantigrade species it rests on the ground.
A heel is a performer in the world of professional wrestling portrayed as a villain. Notable heels include Triple H and Brock Lesnar.
Heel (population: 8,333) is a town in the southeastern Netherlands, in the province of Limburg. The municipality covers an area of 25.36 km² (of which 6.00 km² is water).

The municipality of Heel also includes the following towns, villages and townships: Beegden, Panheel, Osen, Pol and Wessem.

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