The Internatial Congress of Mathematicians is a quadrennial congress held under the auspices of the International Mathematical Union (IMU). The General Assembly of IMU selects the site of the Congress on behalf of bids submitted by member countries of IMU. In 1994 in Zürich the General Assembly decided in favour of Berlin and now the Organizing Committee takes pleasure in inviting you to participate in the

International Congress of Mathematicians Berlin, August 18-27, 1998. At the International Congress, Mathematicians from all countries gather to discuss recent developments in mathematics that are presented by leading scientists from all mathematical fields. Responsibility for the scientific program, i.e. the selection of sections and speakers, rests with an independent Program Committee that is appointed by IMU. On the recommendation of the Program Committee the Organizing Committee invites the speakers. At ICM'98 there will be twentyone one-hour Plenary Lectures covering the major areas of mathematics and about 160 forty-five-minute Invited Lectures in nineteen sections.

During the Opening Ceremony on the first day of the Congress the Fields Medals and the Nevanlinna Prize will be awarded.

All events of the first day will take place in the International Congress Center Berlin (ICC); all other scientific events will be held at Technische Universität Berlin (TU Berlin). No scientific activities are scheduled for Sunday, August 23.

The preparation of ICM'98 is supported by numerous institutions within Berlin and Germany.

To make the congress a true world-wide gathering, the organizing committee places special emphasis on attracting scientists from developing countries. For this purpose, we have granted a large number of fellowships for research mathematicians from delevoping countries, in cooperation with the IMU Special Development Found, see our short information about fellowships for young mathematicians from developing countries and support of mature mathematicians from developing countries.

Similarly, the organizing committee is aware of the fact that it is difficult for many mathematicians from eastern Europe to attend ICM'98 without financial aid. This matter is handled by the Committee for the Support of Mathematicians from Eastern Europe (CSMEE). We are grateful for the given support from government institutions, foundations, and industry.

The Organizing Committee has set up the ICM'98 e-mail service in order to inform all persons interested in ICM'98 about recent developments. All persons subscribing to this e-mail service will also receive the printed version of Second Announcement, which provides detailed information on registration, submission of abstracts, accommodation, etc.

The necessary contingents of accommodations of every category have been reserved for the period August 18 to 27, 1998. Berlin offers a large number of relatively cheap (usually private) accommodations.

Moreover, a number of initiatives have set up an attractive social program for the participants of ICM'98 and accompanying persons. The ICM'98 Organizing Committee has organized a number of events for the general public in Berlin, including a VideoMath Festival, evening lectures, and various exhibitions having a link to mathematics. Special emphasis will be given to high school students and teachers.

Please have also a look to an overview about mathematics education in Germany.

Current mathematical events in Berlin and Potsdam are listed in the Schedule of Events