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Iron Oxides

There are a number of iron oxides:

  • Iron (II) oxide (FeO) The powder in particular can cause explosions as it readily ignites. Colour black.

  • Iron (III) oxide, (Fe2O3) known in its natural state as Haematite, but also purified for use as a coating in magnetic audio and computer media, where it is known as Ferric oxide.

  • Iron (II, III) oxide (Fe3O4), better known as the mineral Magnetite or lodestone. Colour black.

Iron Hydroxides

  • Iron hydroxide FeO(OH), found as the minerals Siderogel and Feroxyhyte. It also has a variant known as Lepidocrocite.

  • Iron (II) hydroxide Fe(OH)2. green colour.

  • Iron (III) hydroxide Fe3+O(OH) found as the mineral goethite. Red-brown colour.

  • Iron (III) hydroxide Fe(OH)3. Dark brown.

And several other variants.

Also See

A number of these compounds are found in rust and rusticles.