The ISO 3166-2 codes for the United Kingdom correspond to the nation's administrative divisions. The first part of each code is the ISO 3166-1 code GB for the United Kingdom, and the second part is a three-letter code, which is the same as in the British Standard BS 6879. The purpose of this family of standards is to establish a worldwide series of short abbreviations for places, for use on package labels, containers and such. Anywhere where a short alphanumeric code can serve to clearly indicate a location in a more convenient and less ambiguous form than the full place name. US readers may wish to consider them as the equivalent of worldwide zip or postal codes. Within the Wikipedia, the codes from the country pages link to the pages for the locations they identify.

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ISO 3166-2:2002-05-21

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BS-only Codes

None of these codes are part of ISO 3166-2.

Source: "Gazetteer for the Reorganised Statistical Regions and Local Authorities in the United Kingdom", Office for National Statistics, June 1997.

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