ISO 3166-2 for Cambodia (ISO 3166-1 : KH) The purpose of this family of standards is to establish a worldwide series of short abbreviations for places, for use on package labels, containers and such. Anywhere where a short alphanumeric code can serve to clearly indicate a location in a more convenient and less ambiguous form than the full place name. US readers may wish to consider them as the equivalent of worldwide zip or postal codes. Within the Wikipedia, the codes from the country pages link to the pages for the locations they identify.

Codesystem: 1,2-character-numeric

Latest change: ISO 3166-2:2002-12-10

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1 Encoding list (24)
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Encoding list (24)

Autonomous municipalities (4)

KH-23 Krong Kaeb
KH-24 Krong Pailin
KH-18 Krong Preah Sihanouk
KH-12 Phnom Penh

Provinces (20)

KH-2  Baat Dambang
KH-1  Banteay Mean Chey
KH-3  Rampong Chaam
KH-4  Kampong Chhnang
KH-5  Kampong Spueu
KH-6  Kampong Thum
KH-7  Kampot
KH-8  Kandaal
KH-9  Kach Kong
KH-10 Krachoh
KH-11 Mondol Kiri
KH-22 Otdar Mean Chey
KH-15 Pousaat
KH-13 Preah Vihear
KH-14 Prey Veaeng
KH-16 Rotanak Kiri
KH-17 Siem Reab
KH-19 Stueng Traeng
KH-20 Svaay Rieng
KH-21 Taakaev

See also

  • ISO 3166-2, the reference table for all country region codes.
  • ISO 3166-1, the reference table for all country codes, as used for domain names on the internet.