Jiaqing (Wade-Giles: Chia-ch'ing)of the Qing Dynasty was emperor of China from 1796 to 1820.

He was born Yong Yan meaning half-Manchu-half-Han. His mother was a Han Chinese concubine who became a favourite of Emperor Qian Long. He was the fifteenth son of the emperor. He was more famously known for prosecuting the Grand Secretary, He Shen for his corruptions.

During the reign of Emperor Qian Long, the emperor became infatuated by He Shen whom reminded the emperor of the palace maid executed by his mother for hurting the future emperor. He Shen became a victim of his own power.

Prince Yong Yan hated He Shen for his abuse of power and vowed to punish the minister once he became an emperor. Before Emperor Qian Long abdicated, he reminded He Shen that he would not be around to help him because the Crown Prince would punish him one day. Emperor Qian Long abdicated in favour of Prince Yong Yan because he did not want to rule more than his grandfather, the late Emperor Kang Xi.

Emperor Jia Qing ruled as an emperor in name for 5 years. Decisions were made by his father, the Grand Emperor Qian Long. After the death of the Grand Emperor, Jia Qing took control of the government and began his tasks in punishing He Shen. He Shen was charged with corruption and abuse of power. His titles and properties were stripped off. He Shen's daughter in law was a sister of the new emperor and she was spared from the punishment. She was given a few properties from He Shen estates.

However, China at that time was in chaos. Emperor Jia Qing tried to bring the country back to its superior state but due to large outflows of silver out of the country, the economy was in decline.

Emperor Jia Qing was struck by lightning while he was in the Summer Palace. He died and was succeeded by his son born to an empress, Dao Guang.

  • Posthumous name (full): Emperor Shoutianxinyunfuhuasuiyouchongwenjingwuxiaogongqinjianruimingyinzherui (受天興運敷化綏猷崇文經武孝恭勤儉端敏英哲睿皇帝)
  • Posthumous name (short): Emperor Rui (睿皇帝)

Preceded by:
Qianlong Emperor of China
Qing Dynasty Succeeded by:
Daoguang Emperor of China